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Yacht VR is an immersive virtual reality application designed to aid in the demonstration of luxury yachts. The idea behind this tool is that it would allow a broker to guide clients on virtual tours of yacht models that may not yet be available in their marinas or even in the country.

The model we have used for this project is of the 2019 Pershing 8X luxury yacht. Multiple people can explore the yacht simultaneously in one of two settings; moored in an island environment or out at sea. We have utilised high quality models, textures, and spatial audio to create the most realistic experience possible, and we have added various interactable elements allowing for a more alluring ‘hands-on’ experience than is possible with a 360° photo or video tour.


SAE Exhibition Website:

James Siebert (Game Design)
Jared Hill (Audio)


YACHT-VR_WIN_210821_4_submission.zip 339 MB

Install instructions

Warning, this game is fairly graphics heavy and you may need a decent graphics card to smoothly use the experience.
Designed to run on tethered Oculus Rifts and Quests.


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Twitch Live Stream Presentation Comments:

mickbanks: James is aboard his Yacht…

elizashelley: oh my god so cool

mickbanks: Jet SKis !!

ashleyw13: this is wicked

saedavidjs: sleek

mickbanks: let’s go fishin !!

리지봉 (djh1001): This is great

ModeratoraaronatSAE: I want to go for a swim, now

1018422: This looks this unreal

리지봉 (djh1001): lol

carolynp67: From hearing about this as a thought at the beginning of the pitches to seeing it done. Wow, Impressive!

mickbanks: dive over the side & face slam the coffee table


ModeratoraaronatSAE: Love the shirt stack cube


saedavidjs: okay where’s the hot tub?

Redmangs: James is the king of VR

chrissaetwitch: 👍

mickbanks: awe struck by Jamae’s work here.. jaw dropping

elizashelley: yeah so incredible!

mickbanks: Send it out to Princess Yachts.. in Brisbane

mickbanks: $$$

Redmangs: James will be making the big bucks in no time there is no doubt about that

mickbanks: HDRP

mickbanks: amazing this is in realtime

mickbanks: wow spatial audio

thatf1loguy: Bruh u guys outdid yourselves

thatf1loguy: Great Work!!!

chrissaetwitch: Did u start w a stereo file or ambisonic file?

리지봉 (djh1001): Brilliant work

mickbanks: <3

oly1234oly: I lurv this luxury vessel

ashleyw13: so cool

james_siebert: actually has voice chat in multiplayer

1018422: Looks awesome guys

리지봉 (djh1001): Great work!

mickbanks: Top Stuff James

oly1234oly: woop woop audio

ModeratoraaronatSAE: James from games, remember the name/s