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BattleShips is a  single-player strategy game where you fight alongside a fleet of friendly ships.

You have the choice of playing 2 different maps.

The goal is to destroy as many ships as possible, help your team push deeper into the enemy's territory and to destroy the enemy's base.

You earn gold from kills which you use to purchase your own ship upgrades.

Your team's ships and the enemy ships both upgrade automatically with the money they earn from their kills.

Project Info:
This game has drawn inspiration from the Warcraft3 Custom map BattleShips

Sydney SAE Creative Institute Project.
Duration: 11 Weeks
This is our first project using UnrealEngine. All previous projects have been built with Unity.

Assets used:
 -Stylized Ships Pack By Polysquid Studios (Unreal Marketplace)
- Stylized VFX Collection: Fire By Polyart Studio (Unreal Marketplace)
- BIG-REVERB-WARHORN Newagesoup (Freesound.org)
- Path of the Savior By Tenacious Orchestra (Premiumbeat.com)


BattleShips_161220_01zip.zip 248 MB

Install instructions

Simply Extract the Zip file and run the .exe file provided.

Development log

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